Donations & Leaderboard

The Tour’s goal is to raise $1,000,000 USD via crypto and USD for HAWC. 100% of the donations will go directly to HAWC via wallets maintained and controlled by HAWC. The Tour will not receive any part of your cryptocurrency donations.

If you are a Standpoint Research / Ronnie Moas subscriber, please use the specific donation wallet addresses shown at Like all donations, 100% of all donations from Standpoint Subscribers will go directly to HAWC.

If you’d like to verify the wallet addresses, please see the link to the Tour’s page located under the “Support Us” tab on or click here


Sponsor Pledges - $180,000
World Crypto Con Pledge - 5% of All Ticket Sales
Community Contributions - $20,862.29
Logo Name Wallet Address Received USD Value
Bitcoin Bitcoin 3QwFs5AgJwbqwt2miMPNSABLJL33Cea8cP 2.755 $11,608.84
Electra Electra EK9iiAHxfhrN17Jf72vazvPj2icuf5QNPd 11,994,791.80 $3,419.14
Rapids Rapids 0x7a0f5E7D5358fABF6710466873c205B57Bd23908 13,763,622 $2,234.15
Litecoin Litecoin MJBveiYxB6E12ot5wYbW7SdJcMMqTWFxBD 27.02 $932.26
DigiByte DigiByte D7H3KXUpPZcdq4kW1UhkjBRhvsPRoYpM42 53,211.59 $732.69
Ethereum Ethereum 0x985a7a38027e990Ea50c55Df47742ca05584C7c3 6.08 $721.88
Phore Phore PR8931uMKxDSynZxfUiXWRWnYEwcHmJVdj 2,426 $593.73
Pac PAC PXFReYksKL1oe7uimk8MiaPymiR9KdVxqY 368,733.99 $374.27
Evimeria Evimeria 3P2RKdR7NhYZLnnGKXUBWi81LZqsZ7EVeJh 9,966,379.37 $184.30
Horizen Horizen znjRnQ6LHL93vcT4zBVj4tp322BeMer2FgP 7.8 $54.67
Monero Monero 482TtNDvAE3E6mVmSadds8FYUT4dCyeYC6wzhzB9rZsKbqdpUrJMxCPjPiDr7zAYq2d2JPRSJMC65XHB2TJNCXzGCRMk1x5 0.0809 $5.10
Reddcoin Reddcoin RaAKPWfTJJV2uXcFgDbnbs37UHe4bVjzRL 802.8 $1.19
Nullex Nullex AdQP6hLS6CpT4FBt4RcPK4wHXesRBpWkpu 4.99 $0.07
The wallet addresses below are for Standpoint Research Subscribers. Like the addresses above, 100% of the donations to the addresses below go directly to HAWC via wallets maintained and controlled by HAWC. Mr. Moas plans to continue his fundraising efforts for HAWC beyond the Tour de Crypto and the wallet addresses below will be used to facilitate his fundraising efforts on behalf of HAWC.




*Please note all cryptocurrency donations will processed in accordance with HAWC’s internal policies and procedures. Due to the price volatility in the cryptocurrency market, HAWC is not responsible for any change in the value of your donation based on fluctuating exchange rates.

*If you would like to discuss your donation, or donate please contact us with the subject “Cryptocurrency Donation.”