Tour de Crypto 2018


Tour de Crypto is the first annual cycling road trip created to raise cryptocurrency awareness for charity. The tour consists of 2 riders Jason Berlin & Jovel Velasquez, along with a driver, videographers and audio crew.


To connect charities and donors with cryptocurrencies.


Most charities, nonprofits and foundations do not accept cryptocurrencies. Those that do tend to sell their digital currency into fiat ( USD ) so they can start utilizing it right away.


The Tour de Crypto platform educates charity organizers and the general population on cryptocurrencies. The entire tour is documented daily with live feeds and interviews that are shared across all social media sites for maximum exposure. The tour will occur annually as it becomes stronger similarly to the implementation of cryptocurrencies throughout the world.

  • Lower processing fees. There are no banks or credit card companies involved in the transactions.
  • Fast & efficient transactions. There is no paperwork or extra steps to get the money so you can put it to work faster.
  • Access to international donors. There is no need to worry about a donor’s location, exchange rates and additional fees.
  • Transparency. Deposit addresses can be made public so donors can verify and see entire pool balances.
  • Safety. There is no guessing if a middle-man charged an “administration fee” to lessen the impact of a good intention.

The Tour de Crypto challenges each cryptocurrency and its community to start collecting donations for HAWC. Each valid, participating community will get free exposure directly on our website. We challenge each crypto community to continuously raise money throughout the beginning, middle and end of the tour. This is not a race – it’s about awareness.

Please contact us to get your crypto community involved, for sponsorship opportunities and press related information. We appreciate your help and support!

Hamptons, NY ( Start ) Friday, September 14th
Manhattan, NY ( Launch ) Sunday, September 16th
Philadelphia, PA Tuesday, September 18th
Washington, DC Thursday, September 20th
Charlotte, NC Tuesday, September 25th
Atlanta, GA Monday, October 1st
Selma, AL Thursday, October 4th
Baton Rouge, LA Tuesday, October 9th
Houston, TX Sunday, October 14th
Kerville, TX Wednesday, October 17th
El Paso, TX Tuesday, October 23rd
Phoenix, AZ Sunday, October 28th
World Crypto Con Event
Las Vegas, Nevada
Wednesday, October 31st
Friday, November 2nd
29 Palms, CA Tuesday, November 6th
San Bernardino, CA Friday, November 9th
Huntington Beach, CA ( Finish ) Monday, November 12th

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 USD via crypto and USD for HAWC – the Houston Area Women’s Center.

HAWC is a leading non-profit that works to end domestic and sexual violence and supports all in building safe and healthy lives through advocacy, counseling, education, shelter and support services. HAWC has a 4-star rating on Charity Navigator and agrees to accept cryptocurrency as a form of donation!

We will work with all of our sponsors, crypto communities and supporters to help reach our fundraising goal. This is all about the crypto communities coming together to achieve a common goal – “Mass Adoption” through good intentions.